Schily's USER COMMANDS                                  CHANGE(1)


     change - non interactive editor to change patterns in files


     change [ options ] from to [ file1 ... filen ]


     Change substitutes the from string  or  pattern  by  the  to
     string or pattern.

     Change uses the same pattern matcher as match.  If a pattern
     contains  special characters from the pattern matcher, these
     characters must be preceded by a backslash  '\'.   It  is  a
     good  idea  to  put strings in single quotes if they contain
     special characters from the pattern matcher.  This  prevents
     the  shell  from  treating  such  a string and eating up the
     quote characters before they are seen by change.

     If the character '&' appears in the to_string,  it  replaces
     what  has  matched in the from_string.  Multiple occurrences
     of '&' are possible.

     Change by default creates backup files similar to ved.   The
     old  file  is renamed to xxx.bak and a new file with the old
     name and old permissions is created.  If the  -nobak  option
     is  present,  the  old  file  is  removed  and a new file is

     The file is treated line by line. If a pattern  occurs  more
     than  once on a single line, all occurrences of that pattern
     are changed unless the -# option is present.

     If no file names are present, change operates as filter from
     stdin to stdout.


     -v   Be verbose: Displays lines before they are changed.

     -c   Displays lines after they are changed.

     -i   Interactive prompting for each change

     -#   Maximum number of changes per line

          Do not create a xxx.bak file with the old content.

          Prints a  short  summary  of  the  change  options  and


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Schily's USER COMMANDS                                  CHANGE(1)

          Prints the change version number string and exists.




     If no match for the from_pattern occurs in a file, it is not
     changed  and the time stamp of that file is not affected. If
     change is used on several source files, this help  the  make
     program  to  know  that  only  the  changed files need to be

     If a file with more than name is  changed,  a  new  file  is
     created.   The new file is no more linked to the other files
     and the content of the other files is not changed.

     See match(1) for a detailed description of allowed patterns.


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