Schily's USER COMMANDS                                  COUNT(1L)


     count - counts items in a file


     count [ options ] file1 ... filen


     Count reads all of the specified files and produces one line
     of output for each input file: the number of the characters,
     the number of 'words', and the number of lines in the speci-
     fied  files.  'Words'  is  an arbitrary term in reference to
     programs, because they tend to have a  lot  of  punctuation.
     For  text files a word is a sequence of characters separated
     by white space.

     If more than one file  is  given,  a  grand  total  is  also
     printed.   If no filenames are given, count reads from stan-
     dard input. Any combination of options works; the default is
     (-c -w -l -llen -t).


     All options except tab= and  -llen  can  be  abbreviated  to
     their  first  letter.   The  option -llen can be abbreviated
     with -ll.

     -chars    Counts characters.

     -words    Counts words.

     -lines    Counts lines.

     -llen     Counts maximum line length.

     tab=tab width
               Set the width of a tab to tab width  for  counting
               maximum line length.

     -stat     Use stat(2) system call to get the character count
               of  a  file.  This is much faster but cannot count
               anything but characters.

     -total    Grand totals of several files.

     -help     Prints a short summary of the  count  options  and

     -version  Prints the count version number string and exists.



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Schily's USER COMMANDS                                  COUNT(1L)




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