Schily's USER COMMANDS                                     CUT(1)


     cut - dissects files by field


     cut [ d=C ] [ od=C ] [ c=range ] [ f=range ] [ -nod ] [ -s ]
     [ file ]


     Cut isolates specified columns or fields of a file, or stan-
     dard  input  if  no  file is specified, and reorders them to
     standard output.

     Cut assumes that the input file is divided into  columns  of
     characters  or  fields  separated by tabs. You can, however,
     specify other  single  character  delimiters  with  the  d=C

     Cut writes its result to standard  output  with  either  the
     default  tab or the specified delimiter character, specified
     with the od=C option.


     d=C  C  (a  single  character)  specifies  input   delimiter
          (default character is TAB, \t).

     od=C C  (a  single  character)  specifies  output  delimiter
          (default character is TAB, \t).

          Specifies the character position to extract.  Character
          positions  can  be specified individually, by ranges or
          both, e.g., c=1,2 or c=1-3,5,7-9.  Character  positions
          are numbered beginning with 1.

          Specifies field number to extract. Fields can be speci-
          fied individually or in ranges as with c=range.  Fields
          are numbered beginning with 1.

     -nod Suppress output delimiter when cutting by fields.  Cut-
          ting by columns never has an output delimiter.

     -s   Suppresses lines without the delimiter. This option  is
          mutually exclusive to character specification.



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