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     paste - pastes fields in files together


     paste [ d=list ] [ options ] [ file1 ... filen ]

     spaste [ d=list ] [ options ] [ file1 ... filen ]


     Paste joins separate files by fields. It is the opposite  of
     the program cut.

     Paste joins corresponding lines of files creating  a  single
     line  of  text  with a single character delimiter separating
     each field.  The result is displayed on standard output.


          Where list specifies the list of field delimiters  used
          to  separate the fields on output.  The fields from the
          list are used in a cyclic way.  The  first  element  in
          the  list  is  always  used for the delimiter after the
          first file.  If the list includes a backslash (\),  the
          next character is used with a special meaning:

          \n   A newline is used as the delimiter.

          \t   A TAB is used as the delimiter.

          \\   A backslash is used as the delimiter.

          \0   No delimiter is inserted.

          The default delimiter is a single TAB.

     -e   Do not output empty lines.

     -s   Do not paste lines from all files but paste  all  lines
          from  a  single  file.  Start with the first entry from
          the delimiter list with the beginning of a new file.

          Set the maximum output linewidth (default is  to  allow
          an "infinite" output line width).


     The maximum number of files that you can  join  together  is

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