Schily's USER COMMANDS                               TRANSLIT(1L)


     translit - translates characters


     translit [ options ] from_string to_string [file1 ... filen]


     Translit performs a  character  substitution,  changing  the
     characters specified in the from_string to the corresponding
     characters in the to_string.  Since the mapping is done  one
     to  one, the from_string must be equal to or larger than the
     to_string.  If the from_string is larger,  the  end  of  the
     from set is mapped to the last character of the to set.

     The files are not modified, all output is written  to  stan-
     dard  out.   If  no files are specified, translit reads from
     standard input.


          Prints a short summary  of  the  translit  options  and

          Prints the translit version number string and exists.

     -c   Complement the set of values specified by from_string.

     -d   Delete all occurrences of  input  characters  that  are
          specified in from_string.

     -s   Replace  instances  of  repeated  characters  that  are
          specified  in  from_string with a single character.  If
          the -d option has also been  specified,  the  character
          set is taken from to_string.


     The following notations of characters are supported:

     c       Any single byte character not described below
     \ddd    Represents octal notations of characters
     \\      Represents the backslash
     \a      Represents the audible bell
     \b      Represents the backspace character
     \f      Represents the formfeed character
     \n      Represents the newline character
     \r      Represents the carriage return character
     \t      Represents the tab character
     \v      Represents the vertical tab character

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Schily's USER COMMANDS                               TRANSLIT(1L)


     When the to_string is smaller than the from_string, multiple
     occurrences  of  the  folded  characters  are not generated.
     Translating all letters, white  space  and  punctuation,  to
     X's,  for  example,  will cause only a single X to appear on
     the output stream.

     If the to_string is empty, all occurrences of input  charac-
     ters  that are specified in from_string are deleted and pro-
     duce no output.

     You can use reverse ranges,

          translit [a-z] [z-a]

     will change every a to z and every z to a and so forth.

     If an ordinary digit in the  octal  range  is  following  an
     octal  sequence,  the  octal  sequence  must use three octal

     If from_string or to_string start with the unescaped charac-
     ter '^', the related set is complemented.


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