Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                                FDUP(3)


     fdup() - returns new file identical to the given file


     FILE fdup(f)
          FILE *f;


     fdup() creates a new file stream  which  accesses  the  same
     file   as   f.   The   new   file   will   have   the   same
     read/write/buffered attributes as the old file.  fdup()  can
     be  used to simultaneously read from two different positions
     in a file.


     Returns the duplicate file, if successful.  Returns NULL, if
     it could not create the new stream.


     This call should be used carefully on  buffered  files  open
     for  writing. Changes made on one stream might be superseded
     by changes made on the other.

Joerg Schilling    Last change: 15. Juli 1988                   1

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