Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                              FEXECL(3)


     fexecl() - executes a program


     fexecl(name, in, out, err, arg0, arg1, ... argn, NULL)
          char *name;
          FILE *in, *out, *err;
          char *arg0...*argn;


     fexecl() is a variation of  fexecve().  The  description  of
     fexecve()  applies to fexecl(), with two exceptions.  First,
     fexecl() does not permit the environment list to  be  speci-
     fied; it causes the new program to have the same environment
     as the current program, using the global environment pointer
     environ.   Second,  the argument list for the new program is
     constructed as part of the call to fexecl(). This is  a  lot
     easier  to  write  than  the  code  to construct a vector of
     strings, but is limited to cases  with  a  fixed  number  of
     arguments. The argument list will consist of the strings a0,
     a1, and so on. By convention, a0 is the name of the new pro-


     Returns system error code; doesn't return if successful.



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