Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                          FILELUOPEN(3)


     fileluopen() - opens a file given a logical unit number


     FILE *fileluopen(lu, modes)
          int lu;
          char *modes;


     fileluopen() makes an object of type FILE, suitable for  use
     with fileread(), putc(), etc.

     The lu argument is a logical unit  number  assigned  by  the
     kernel  when  it  opens a file. Logical unit numbers are not
     usually visible, although several routines  reguire  LUs  as
     arguments  and fdown() may be used to map a FILE object to a
     corresponding LU number.

     The modes argument is a string encoding  the  modes  of  the
     file,  just  as  for fileopen(), except that the 'c' and 't'
     options are not allowed.


     Returns the FILE value.



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