Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                            FILEOPEN(3)


     fileopen() - opens or creates files


     FILE *fileopen(filename,modes)
          char *filename;
          char *modes;


     fileopen() opens filename. The  mode  is  specified  by  the
     characters from the following set:

     a    seek to end-of-file after opening

     c    create file if necessary

     r    allow read access

     t    truncate file after opening if it already exists

     u    unbuffered all read/writes directly to system

     w    allow write access


     NULL open failed.  other value should be used in  other  I/O
     calls and is of the type FILE.


     The file is opened with rw  rw  access.   If  there  is  not
     enough  room  to allocate a buffer, the file is opened in an
     unbuffered mode. There is a limit  to  the  number  of  open

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