Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                             FILEPOS(3)


     filepos() - returns the logical position in a file


     long filepos(f)
          FILE *f;


     filepos() returns the current file position as an offset  in
     bytes  from  the beginning of the file. This is the position
     of the next byte to be read or written.


     Returns the current offset into file f.


     The numbering of bytes in a  file  starts  at  0.  For  byte
     sequential  devices,  such as a terminal, the value returned
     will be the number of bytes read or written from the current
     file, unless a seek call is issued which changes the logical
     position but does not affect the device.

     File  positions  may  be  set  to  arbitrary   values   (via
     fileseek()  )  and  are  only  used  by the file system when
     actual reading or writing occur.

     Normally, the file position is incremented by the amount  of
     data transferred for each sequential read or write.

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