Schily's LIBRARY FUNCTIONS                            FILEREAD(3)


     fileread() - reads file into buffer


     int fileread(f,buf,size)
          FILE *f;
          char *buf;
          int size;


     fileread() reads up to size bytes from the  file  into  buf.
     The  number  actually  read may be smaller if end-of-file is
     reached.  The file pointer (implied) is left pointing to one
     past the last character read.


     > 0  the number of bytes actually read.

     = 0  file was at end-of-file.

     < 0  error code.

     It returns the number of bytes actually  read  or  an  error


     The buffer must be at least size long.  If  reading  from  a
     "raw" device, size must be a multiple of 512.

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